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Shaffer Beacon Mechanical is proud to offer home heating oil delivery at competitive pricing when compared to other full-service companies.
Oil can be purchased in a few ways:

Will Call – This is when you take the responsibility of monitoring your oil usage and call when you need oil. We will deliver within 24-48 business hours, and you must order a minimum of 100 gallons. You can even order online. Payment is due at time of delivery.


Automatic Delivery – The responsibility to keep oil in your tank is ours. Using degree days and various data on your home, we calculate when you need a delivery and fill your tank. Payment is due at time of delivery but… you get a 5-day grace period. As long as payment is made within the 5 days, you will receive a $.05 per gallon discount off the delivery days posted price.


Budget Plan – With this program, you get all the benefits of Automatic Delivery and can manage your budget with a simple monthly payment. 

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Don’t forget that we can repair your tanks piping, vent alarm (whistle) or gauge. Also we can replace your oil tank with a new steel tank or Roth double wall tank. Call and we can give you a free in-home estimate on a replacement.

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